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The neuroanatomy is the cornerstone of neurology upon to build the necessary knowledge to understand the function and the disorders of the nervous system. However, the huge amount of names and connections make the study of the nervous system confusing and, sometimes, prevent from recalling the essential concepts. The aim of this web is to provide the neurologists, residents and undergraduates with a source of detailed information, that can be updated easily, to understand the functional organisation of the nervous system.

The contents are described in the chapter of the book (Neuroanatomy of the dog) and in the neuroanatomy videos. To reinforce the neuroanatomical information through a three-dimensional approach, the images in the book are combined with 135 videos accessible with a QR.

If you wish to order the book "Neuroanatomy of the dog", go to the menu of the website Neuroanatomy book and click on the green chart.

In recent years the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is frequently used in the diagnosis of neurologic disorders. For this reason a chapter about the basic physics of this technique has been included as well as an MRI atlas of the dog's head.

I encourage the viewers to contact me for new ideas, approaches or errors to be rectified, and I thank all the colleagues and the students whose enthusiasm and interest have been my best reward. 

All the dissections were conducted by the author on embalmed dogs used for teaching Anatomy for the Veterinary Curriculum at the Universidad Autónoma (Barcelona-Spain).  The euthanasia was performed according to the European guidelines.

Vicente Aige Gil, DVM, PhD

Associate Professor of Anatomy

Facultad de Veterinaria

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Barcelona. Spain



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