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The book covers the fundamentals neuroanatomy aspects of the dog's nervous system, with specific references to the cat, that a neurologist should know. Following the purpose of elaborating a practical approach to the neuroanatomy, numerous macroscopic dissections have been made and with the use of binocular zoom stereo macroscope for small areas never shown before. The text is completed with histological and MR images. For the white matter of the cerebrum, nerve fiber dissections have been performed following a successive freeze and thaw process. For a better three-dimensional understanding of the dissections, 135 videos are included in the chapters and are accessible by QR.


The book has been divided into 16 chapters, beginning with general principles (chapter 1) analyzing the need to have a nervous system and its function. It is followed by a chapter on development (chapter 2) that ranges from neurulation to malformations. The parts of the nervous system have been divided into 11 chapters (chapters 3 to 13) that include numerous images and videos of dissections. This is followed by a chapter on the biophysical principles of MR imaging (chapter 14) and a chapter that includes an atlas of MRI and two videos of cross-sections of the brain (chapter 15). The book ends with a chapter intended for beginner students on how to localize neurological lesions, followed by cases on videos as an exercise in which the reader should try to localize the lesion (chapter 16).

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